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The Making

Warrior Professional Gear uses high quality materials and high end technology to design and manufacture safety shoes for workers that instils confidence and let's professionals step up to any challenge at work. To maintain very high quality standards, the entire process from tanning to manufacturing and quality testing is kept in-house. This lets Warrior Professional Gear to be the best money can buy.

Liberty manufactures 75000 pairs of shoes each day and experts them to 25 nations across continents. The company is among the top manufacturers and suppliers if safety work boots in the world. With its innovations, Liberty has gained trust of international consumers.

Warrior safety work boots are available in two variants. The Low Neck style is perfect for wearers who prefer open ankle designs and the High Neck style meets the need for superior ankle support, thereby preventing risks of sprains and ankle twists. Both style variants are very strongly designed to withstand shocks of 200 Joules. This is done with the help of special metal alloy toe cap. The uppers are made to withstand anti-static electric shocks of up to 1000 mega Ohms. Warrior Professional Gear has all it takes to keep professionals safe at work and we have made no compromise on comfort at all. The shoes are all weather friendly, very flexible and comes with an anti-skid sole for superior grip on oily or wet surfaces.

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Safety Shoes, Work Shoes/Boot Manufacturers in India
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The story of how most trusted work shoes manufacturers in India make great safety boots. Read the making of Warrior Professional Gear.
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